Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 races reflection

1. Standchart 42.2 marathon finisher (told myself not to do but in the end also ran)
2. Powerman Duathlon Perak finisher
3. Avivia 1/2 Ironman finisher
4. Desaru long distance marathon finisher
5. Bintan triathlon finisher
6. Osim/Osim coporate triathlon finisher
7. Oakley City Duathlon finisher
8. Army 1/2 marathon finisher
9. MR-25 ultra marathon - Going to start and hope to finish

Next year will be another interesting year. Going to use a few 1/2 ironmen races to train for the Full ironmen race i target to complete in 2010. Once i completed one full ironman, then i will relac and just do OD triathlons for the rest of my life to keep fit. For my standard and fitness, you do not want to engage in super long distance endurance races every year.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

27/07/2008 .... its that long!

last entry for my blog was march.... hahaahha.... 5 months did not update blog, thats not a very common practise back then. But due to the busiest in work and training for my new crazy hobby, time is actual running short. 24/7 just nice to accomplish all the stuff that i want to do, of cos i hope for more time to nua on the bed, watch tv, play Dota, etc etc, in additional, once diablo 3 is released end of the year, it will defintely challenge the rest of my schedules for time allocations.

At work in a saturday evening, awaiting maddy to finish her course. Shag out doing REAI, EAI, RVO, decided to chill abit, only person left in the office with RAjah of cos, think he talking to his gf/wife/watever. Pretty drained this few weeks, darren (Tiong seng now Shimz) left with a Chunk of his work not completed, some friend he is. So have to sa po some of his work, machiam mine not managable already.

This few months went by quite excitingly, with the race season coming on, completed 2 OD triathlons which was quite an experience, up and coming 2 no 1/2 ironmen (Desaru & Aviva), 1 no 1/2 marathon AHM, probably do a Powerman at perak and to sum up the year, Stand chart 2008 21.1km 1/2 marathon... not going to do 42 cos... it just takes too long just to run ahhahaha.... So thats what will be happening for the rest of the year. I hope i can get back to update my blog cos its really great to come back and revisit all the entries and see all funny things that happened along the way. Therefore..... stay tuned

Saab Duathlon 2008 ( Of cos, who can forget the infamous 40km bike become 20km confusion)

Teen Games 2008 with jo jo and woodland gang

A Present the team gave for Huixiang for his wedding. I guess he was touch. We do care for him.

Bintan triathlon 2008, clocked my Personnel Best timing, 2 hr 48mins

Osim triathlon Singapore 2008 ( clocked my personel worst timing, 3 hr 05 mins)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Byebye 2007... Hello 2008

not much time to blog for the last few months, but i reckon using the following attached photoswill pretty much assist in reminding me about the great 2007!

1. 2 much Macdonalds during the period of April to October resulting in me getting high cholesterol during my medical checkup.

2. Hanwens birthday 10/10/07........ TTT again... needless to say

3. Osim COporate triathlon, 32th in Age group category

4. Lumat, PErak, MAlaysia POwerman Duathlon, Elaine's tire poonchei......everyone man working

5. 2 crazy people at bangkok = disaster!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lim ah Lim ah Lim

Ever wondered, if you dun go check up and no sickness is found, those that mean that u are sickness free and healthy? hahha.... been thinking that if u dun go for those health screening la.... body check up la.... and live life as it is day to day hoping God comes soon enough, if u dun knw you are sickness, you are not sick! haahha.....
Being SIck this past week, hit with cold, cough, fever, difficulties breathing.... so exercising routine is greatly reduced... but from next week onwaards... plan to do a mini-triathlon every weekend, to get used to the actual triathlon when osim 2008 and aviva half iron man 2008 arrives next yr! hahaha.. going to do a 1.5swim, 20km cycle and a 6km run every weekend! hahaha... sounds interesting! and hope i can spare the time to do it!
but meanwhile... standchart coming le.... hope to clock enough miledge for it... cannot be like AHM... after the run leg wana break like that.... i reckon i am more of a middle distance runner aka run to jian fei type of runner....21km is more like pay to suffer type of run... but achievement to complete....

my Birthday bash... 31st August 2007, St James Dragonfly again...
I hate to drink.... 100 plus still ok.... but not martell....... i prefer to stay at home and watch tv next yr!
Birthday shd be happy.... but i think i didnt enjoy the vomitting part at the end! hahahaha

Monday, September 03, 2007

Life Goes on....31/08/07

yea! this is my birthday present from myself to myself, a fizik triathlon wing flew arione limited edition team saddle @ $195 ........ other places selling at $250! haahhaha.... the cost of my bike will defintely escalate to around 5k in the near future, just wana do my upgrades gradually so it will not seem so siong on the bank and its like playing RPG game, slowly gain level and buy new items to go fight the monster.....
2007 has been a great year i reckon! met new frds....... new work environment.... new motivation in training hard to keep myself fit..... new comittments to god

Monday, August 27, 2007

body battered

Completed my first army half marathon yesterday in 1 hr 54mins, never thought it was that hard, went into the race full of comfident thinking of all the triathlon training i have gone through..... this 21km should be easy..... and i was half right to a certain extend. The race itself was setted to be completed within the 2 hrs mark..... and towards the middle of the race.. i changed it to completing it in 1 hr 55mins.... which happily i did acheived it. As i did not clock enough miledge for it, the after effects is devasating.... both my legs feel like breaking! though i didnt get cramps cos my leg is way to skinny and muscle-less to get cramps, but those 2 chop sticks really feel like breaking into 2!

During the race, i ran with a above average speed for the first 11km..... saw my ex safsa incharge..... think he gained a few pounds.... chatted with elaine at the ECP fort road exit..... and saw a few familar faces along the route...... i guess the most tough portion of the race was the ECP run down and the turn around..... seems endless....... especially when u see on the opposite side, where the runners have made the U turn and back into the city area... hoping for that U Turn to come soon... but it didnt look like coming....hahaha.... dragged my fat ass for that portion of the race.... then along the last 3km....... saw CASH KOH on nicol highwway..... wat a good position to see all the shag faces of the runners along that route.....finally... made a final dash towards the finishing line and here you go! my first 1/2 Marathon completed...... straight immediate running reaching the finish line... i grabbed 3 100 plus and headed striaght to the massage the leg department... shiok....

I love my life now.... Hope GOd give me 10 more good yrs in achieving greater hieghts....ahha

Will i go to heaven when i die?

Will i go to heaven when i die?